Multiplex dispensing system provides controlled multi-channel precision dispensing for the simultaneous delivery of liquids. The system features a high-resolution servo-controlled actuator that can control up to 12 ceramic pump modules at once. Each module is a positive displacement mechanism that includes precision ceramic pistons that are mated with ceramic cylinders. Standard clearances are tight enough to eliminate the need for secondary seals. Custom seals and clearances can be included, as each application requires. The individual piston/cylinder sets also include a separate ceramic rotary valve that is individually controlled in the system. The result is a three-piece pump module that can be individually enabled and disabled through the control of each rotary valve. This system can deliver volumes from the sub-microliter range up to 4 milliliters in a single stroke. All parameters are digitally selected through an RS232 computer signal or a touchscreen. This system leads the industry in accuracy and repeatability, efficiency, and a design that results in a competitive price per channel.