iMethadone system is Concord Technologies’ complete patient addiction treatment system that includes a set of methadone dispensing system and a PC system with patient management software. The dispensing system is based on a precision ceramic pump technology, widely used in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Methadone dispensing volume can be adjusted to tailor patients’ treatment progress. The complete system has been used by the United Nations for its international addiction treatment projects since 2017.

The methadone dispensing system has been specifically designed for drug addiction management clinics and has been widely recognized for its reliability, low maintenance and high precision fluid handling. It is easy to operate but does not compromise accuracy. The system
features positive displacement ceramic pump modules, proven to provide millions of wear-free cycles and years of reliable performance. The MethaSpense system includes an exclusive liquid eye bubble detector. An alarm alerts the operator of any air gaps in the fluid line that may compromise precision before a dose is dispensed. Also included are an adjustable cup holder
and key-required access to the supply bottle. The MethaSpense system is housed in a stainless steel case and can be easily moved and secured during non-operating hours. The system can accept a variety of bottle sizes and is easily integrated with patient management computer programs.

iMethadone provides comprehensive clinic management with an integrated easy-to-use methadone dispensing solution for hospitals and clinic treatment stations. iMethadone improves the effectiveness of customer addiction treatment programs through clinical integration and real-time sharing of relevant data. Daily, monthly, and annual patient analysis reports as well as site analysis reports can be easily generated for patient management and continuous improvement.