DS328 is Concord Technologies’ advanced precision bead dispensing system that automatically dispenses fluid into liquid nitrogen for continuous bead production. Liquid nitrogen will instantly freeze dispensed reagent fluid into solid beads. Upon pre-programmed machine operation setup, thousands of frozen solid beads with uniform size and shape can be produced and harvested within one hour. The system can be used for automated bead production with significantly reduced labor, much higher productivity and premium product quality. DS328 bead dispensing system consists of a high precision ceramic pump, a stainless steel workstation, a 7” color touch screen control platform, a liquid nitrogen tank, and a bead harvesting mechanism. Its proven track record and successful application stories make DS328 a top choice for large scale liquid nitrogen automatic bead production.


Features & Advantages

  • Up to 0.1% CV.
  • High precision & and extreme reliability
  • Fast speed and high productivity. Pump speed— 18 to 1500rpm
  • Large scale automatic production system
  • Dual channels or multiple channels for mass production
  • 7” color touch screen control platform with intuitive user interface
  • Unique mechanism for easy bead freezing and harvesting
  • Integrated large size liquid nitrogen tank
  • Fluid level sensing and compensation mechanism (option) to ensure dispensing accuracy
  • Stainless steel workstation for pharmaceutical and biotech hygiene applications
  • Free technical consultation available upon request