Concord Technologies Corporation has provided high precision fluid atomization and spraying systems for biotech, pharmaceutical, medical devices, and electronics industries since 2006. We integrate high precision AP ceramic pump with Sonicair specialty spraying nozzle to create a controllable spraying system. The AP ceramic pump is widely used in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries due to its high precision, reliability, and sapphire-grade ceramic pump module’s excellent performance. Sonicair spraying nozzle is a high precision part without movable parts or valves, reducing the maintenance required. The complete spraying system can be used in manual operation, semi-automatic, or automated production. High reliability, extra fine spraying result, uniform, high speed and productivity brought by Sonicair spraying system, makes it a top choice for a variety of spraying applications. Multinational corporations in North America and Asia have selected this precision spraying technology for demanding customers.

Features & Benefits

  • Dispense and meter operating modes
  • Rate controllable from 18 to 1,500 RPM
  • Volume selection to 10,000 strokes per dispense trigger
  • Selectable acceleration profile
  • Prime mode
  • Forward/reverse modes
  • Selectable motor torque
  • Non-volatile memory (NRAM) for storage of parameters and up to 32 recipes
  • Incremental drawback and selectable stopping position for high viscosity fluids
  • Password-protected permission levels assure no unwanted parameter changes
  • Transferable from bench top use to full system integration/automation
  • 24V optically isolated interface for PLC integration
  • RS232 interface • contact closure trigger
  • CE certified

Typical Applications

  • Electrolyte dispensing for batteries
  • Fluid drug or reagent filling
  • Spray coating medical fluids
  • Contact lens applications
  • Silicone atomizing
  • Transdermal drug dispensing
  • Pharmaceutical fluid dosing
  • Flavor, essence and liquid vitamin additions
  • Lubricants and UV adhesives

Ceramic Pump Specifications