With Malta being a popular tourist destination in the region, real estate agents in Malta are in a very good position to attract potential investors to invest in Malta properties. The Malta real estate market is open for the taking by both local and international investors. However, there is a great need for brokers who are able to make the best deals for their clients, so that they can earn some good revenue out of it. This is one of the reasons why these agents form an important part of the industry.

One of the top real estate agents in Malta is NICOLA, which has agents based in different parts of the island. They also have one agent who is head of commercial property in Malta and has four commercial properties. Apart from that, there is another agent called PETER, who has two properties and is head of residential property in Malta. All the mentioned agents have been running their businesses since quite a number of years now, and it has proven that they know all about real estate. They have dealt with many properties and worked hard to get them in top condition.

These top real estate agents in Malta have all the necessary certifications and licenses, which are required to operate in Malta. They must be registered with the Office of the Prime Minister and must have a registration number with the Malta Revenue Service. This performance data is available for all the agents registered with them. They can use this performance data to evaluate their performances periodically.



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